Startup Jalsa Funding 2018

Startup Jalsa Funding 2018

Startup Jalsa Funding 2018
Pitch Sessions 2018 started with the mission to reach out to the entrepreneurs and give them opportunities to pitch their startups. We went across India with one slogan for the entrepreneurs – Pitch Your Power.

Out of 500 who came at the Pitch Sessions, 50 startups flew to Dharamshala for Startup Jalsa 2018, Invest Edition. Out of all the brilliant startups, a startup from IIT Bombay – Augle A.I., a company developing Computer Vision-based Automation Products, got funding by Startup Jalsa. We led the angel investment round of Augle A.I with an investment of INR 70lacs (~ 100,000 USD) at a post-money valuation of INR 6.5crores.

Augle A.I. provides varied automated solutions to optimize tedious business processes. The provided solutions include:

Vehicle Analytics
A traffic management system which is designed to track, monitor and analyze vehicle movements on road.

Facial Recognition
A Face Recognition software that detects, identifies and verifies faces to improve customer service and surveillance.

Crowd Analytics
Crowd Analytics helps you to make intelligent business decisions by measuring movement density and analyzing the behavior of potential customers.

Customer Analytics
Customer Analytics delivers personalized, smart, and efficient customer experiences. Powerful insights help your business discover new marketing opportunities.

A cutting edge algorithm using computer vision verifies documents, including Aadhaar details through facial recognition, OCR and image analysis.

Optical Character Recognition program automates this process by running alongside the standardized banking system.
Startup Jalsa is currently working with Augle A.I. in its mission to accelerate the adoption of automation in the world through their products.