Startup Jalsa, Invest Edition

What is the invest edition?

Startup Jalsa invest edition, is a two day invite only conference dedicated towards networking and the finalists from city meet-ups compete for guaranteed investment opportunities .

Where and when is the Invest Edition happening?

Startup Jalsa invest edition is happening on 13th-15th December 2018 at The Pavillion, Dharamshala. The speaker lineup and agenda will be announced closer to the event.

Is there any eligibility criteria for startups to participate in Startup Jalsa?

Startups of all sectors and stages can participate in Startup Jalsa.

Should a startup be registered to participate in Startup Jalsa, Invest Edition?

In Startup Jalsa Invest Edition, we are not looking for startups who are or need to be legally registered.

Why should a startup participate?

4 Startups will get a guaranteed investment opportunity of Rs.25 Lacs each at 10% equity, subject to due diligence. The funding however, is only for startups who have a minimum viable prototype/ early traction.

Is an idea based startup eligible for funding?

Yes, an idea based startup is eligible for funding, however, the startup would require to present a prototype at the Startup Jalsa, Invest Edition to meet the prerequisites of funding.

Will the funding be given on the spot?

To understand the funding process, please check the following link:  https://startupjalsa.com/process-of-funding/.

Is the 10% stake at 25Lacs negotiable?

No. This is a take it or leave it offer.

Pitch Session

What is a pitch session?

The pitch session is a gateway towards Startup Jalsa, Invest Edition where startups across PAN India are given a chance to pitch in over 9 cities all over India.

What will happen at the pitch session?

1. Prototype-based startup will be given 90 seconds while idea-based startup will be given 60 seconds to pitch their venture to the judging panel. PowerPoint or without powerpoint! Bring it on.
2. One-on-one interaction between the top startups and the jury.
3. Networking with Jury.

Where are the pitch sessions happening?

The pitch sessions are taking place at Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Delhi, Kanpur and Ahmedabad. For schedule go to the register section.

Why participate in a pitch session?

Two exciting startups from each city will get a travel grant to fly to Startup Jalsa, Invest Edition wherein they can compete for the 4 funding opportunities of 25lacs and also close funding deals with other investors that participate in the main conference.

What is the process after registration?

After a successful registration, the startups can directly come with their pitch-decks/presentation to the venue as mentioned in the confirmation email.

Is a pitch-deck required at the city meetup?

Yes, a pitch-deck/presentation is mandatory to pitch at the pitch sessions.

When will the results for the pitch session declare?

The results for the pitch sessions are expected to be declared on 31st October