Access India

Who wouldn’t agree on UBER’s masterstroke to enter India in 2009 and capture the travel sector! Come 2016, Amazon Web Services launched its first region in India picking up 75,000 customers. Gionee by then clocked a revenue of $1.4 billion in the Indian market. And then Walmart set the ball rolling with $16 billion investment in Flipkart. Yes, it all seems too good to be true, but it happened and brought profit to global businesses in India.

International Startup’s doorway to enter the Indian Market
Looking at the Indian startup ecosystem opening doors for our international equivalents, Startup Jalsa – the biggest startup conference in India – is bringing a unique platform this time. With our presence in over 12 cities in the country, we are bringing an international access program to reach out to thousands of startups and helping them with distribution, customer acquisition, branding and networking to build their presence in India.

Business without borders
It opens doors for your potential business presence among a population of over $1.27 Billion Indians. The good thing of it all is that we will guide you throughout the way with help and advice from legendary businessmen and founders from all across the country in your first steps in India.

Whether you’re looking to network with senior Indian founders funded by Tiger Global, Google Vultures and such or looking for insights from series A, B and C founders on scaling your business, Access India is there for you. Get involved with the policy-makers on the nitty gritty of your product, service or overall business management from a standpoint of creativity and innovation serving the best of ideas.

We provide a means for people seeking to solve problems of the people with their imaginative ideas at the most affordable rates. Access India, the initiative by Startup Jalsa, is a gateway for your entry into foreign business.

Want to know how you can participate?
To participate, reach us at srishti@startupjalsa.com